Scale The Summit

Scale The Summit Founder Defends Against Backlash Of Letting Members Go For Financial Reasons


Scale The Summit guitarist Chris Letchford has taken to social media to defend himself against the backlash of letting both drummer J.C. Bryant and bassist Mark Michell go over monetary issues. In a statement issued earlier this week, Letchford stated: “When we started making plans for the new record, the fees that they were requiring to play was more than I can afford.” Drummer Charlie Engen has since joined the fold with a new bassist yet to be publicly announced.

Angry fans took to Letchford‘s own social media profiles for his apparent displays of wealth and criticized him for seemingly hoarding profits, etc., leading him to issue the following statement via the band’s Facebook:

“Well, here it goes… its unfortunate that its come to this but I feel like I should explain my situation even though its truly just me and my wife’s business.

My recent lifestyle change has been brought up. This is thanks to my partner, best friend and wife, Mariana Zapata. If you google my wife’s name you will see things like “New York Times Bestselling author”, “Amazon #1 Overall bestseller”, “USA Today Bestseller”. I shouldn’t have to justify my position or explain, but my wife worked very hard to get where she is and Im fortunate enough that she is sharing that with me. Without her success we would have continued to struggle to pay the bills.

Im shocked that people feel like my wife should fund the band, the band is a business and needs to be able to support itself.
I appreciate the support of the sts fans that know me and how hard the entire band worked.

As you all know Mark was in the band for many years and was the one that actually handled our budget on the last tour, so he knows first hand how much of a struggle it was to stay in black. Mark Michell, if you don’t mind chiming in here dude, I would really appreciate it.”

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