Scale The Summit

Scale The Summit Debut “Jackhammer Ballet” Video, The Reign Of Kindo’s Joseph Secchiaroli Guests


Scale The Summit have debuted “Jackhammer Ballet” from their new album “Subjects“. This particular track finds Joseph Secchiaroli of The Reign Of Kindo fame guesting on vocals, while Tommy Graven appears on native flute. Secchiaroli is but one of numerous guests tapped to guest on this forthcoming album, which will be out on June 25th. The track listings include:

Subjects” (vocal edition):

01 – “Form & Finite” (feat. Mike Semesky of Raunchy)
02 – “Don’t Mind Me” (feat. Garrett Garfield)
03 – “Daggers & Cloak” (feat. Ross Jennings of Haken)
04 – “Dissemble” (feat. Eric Emery of Skyharbor)
05 – “Jackhammer Ballet” (feat. Joesph Secchiaroli of The Reign Of Kindo & Tommy Graven)
06 – “The Land Of Nod” (feat. Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox)
07 – “A New Way” (feat. Renny Carroll)
08 – “Space Cadet” (feat. Eli Cutting)

Subjects” (instrumental edition):

01 – “Form & Finite” (Andy James of Five Finger Death Punch)
02 – “Don’t Mind Me
03 – “Daggers & Cloak
04 – “Dissemble” (feat. Brandon Ewing)
05 – “Jackhammer Ballet” (feat. Tommy Graven)
06 – “The Land Of Nod
07 – “A New Way
08 – “Space Cadet

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