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The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman Discusses The Injuries He’s Received Playing Shows


It wasn’t so long ago that The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato discussed the injuries his life in the band has left him with. Now it’s time for guitarist Ben Weinman to reflect on his own battle scars, which have included various broken bones, cuts and more. He recently told Drowned In Sound:

“It’s funny because my parents see these Instagram shots or someone sends them a picture and they’re horrified. The truth is that stuff is just temporary. Stitches and black eyes are an inconvenience but when you tour and play as much as we do in the way that we do… things like that happen on every tour. It’s not a big deal

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Yeah, it leaves a scar and it sucks and it’s scary sometimes when blood is pouring all over your pedal boards and you’re like: ‘Wow, I hope this isn’t too serious…’ while you’re playing. For the most part, you learn that you’re not made of glass and that things like that aren’t such a big deal, but it’s the permanent things that will affect you for the rest of your life, the things that people don’t really see.

I fractured my skull many years ago and it chipped a bone in one of my vertebrae. I had rotator cuff surgery from injuries accrued onstage and they gave me a full MRI and saw a ton of other injuries all over that they were very surprised that I had, based on the way I function. I have neurological damage from my neck that makes me have to pee all the time. I’ll probably have to get neck surgery, eventually. There’s all kind of things from throughout the years that will affect me forever but cuts and black eyes… whatever. It makes for a cool picture.”

Though above mentioned chat also focuses heavily on the band’s decision to call it quits once they conclude the lengthy touring cycle for their recently released farewell album, “Dissociation“. It also finds frontman Greg Puciato speaking of what’s next for his other band, The Black Queen and where he hopes to take it. He said of that:

“…I wouldn’t have been able to write Dissociation or give that performance if I hadn’t done Fever Daydream. That album was a representation of vulnerability and a shedding of any possible cartoonish genre cage that I felt might be on me. It’s not a side project so much as it’s just another band, that runs parallel to Dillinger. I feel equally present in both of them. We have a lot of common ground in that band, and our skill sets are really complimentary, and it’s really new as far as explored territory goes, so I think we have a lot more to say with that. We’re already working on a follow-up EP.”

For more from the pair, head to Drowned In Sound.

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