Brendon Small Says Adult Swim Gave Him A “Hard No” On Giving ‘Metalocalypse’ A Final Sendoff


Despite his best efforts and that of numerous fans and friends, Brendon Small was unable to get a proper final sendoff for ‘Metalocalypse‘ greenlit at Adult Swim. Small had even apparently managed to drum up $2 million to fund the project, but Adult Swim still refused, as he recently told Loudwire:

“There was no debate, there was not even a returned phone call. It was a hard ‘no.’ It was about as hard of a ‘no’ as you could possibly get. Which is kind of strange, look, show business is show business, I can’t really complain about it.

But what I need to do, what’s important for me to live my creative life is to stand back and go ‘hey, I had a pretty good run at this show.’ Someone was probably going to do this show before me and they were probably going to screw it up in some way. So I’m glad there first and I’m glad I did it the way it needed to be done, so I’m lucky, anyway you slice it.

It’s basically like a crappy relationship at the end where we should probably break up. But they kept on dangling the idea of doing this thing in front of me and then dangling other TV show ideas and stuff like that.”

He later said that he thinks the fan petition to give the series a proper end may have upset Adult Swim:

“What I think really happened was they drove Adult Swim insane. I think Adult Swim, for some reason, took it very personally. The truth was that people were saying, ‘Hey, what the hell? Where’s our show? We’re here for this show, can you give it to us? We’re gonna watch it like crazy,’ and they said ‘no.’ I think somebody’s thin-skinned and somebody got their feeling hurt.”

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