In Flames

In Flames Bassist Peter Iwers And Ex-Guitarist Jesper Strömblad Have A New Band Together


Despite the occasional pointed remark, former In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad remains quite friendly with at least one of the group. Both he and current In Flames bassist Peter Iwers have been working on a new band in secret with plans to unveil it soon. Iwers recently told Sticks For Stones of that project and his current relationship with Strömblad:

“…We actually play music in another band and we’re going to go public with next week or so. We have good relationships, we’re good friends. When he does things like this, the problem I think is that 15 years ago when you didn’t have all the social media, so you just said something out when you were feeling frustrated or angry, but these days you write on social media and somebody picks it up really fast and it becomes way bigger than what it is.

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He is a constant supporter of In Flames. Sometimes he says bad stuff online, but he doesn’t really mean it. It’s just exactly like I said, you get angry for five minutes and then you wish you wouldn’t have said it, but then the whole world has read it. It’s been picked up by Blabbermouth or something like that. He’s a big In Flames supporter. He likes what we do and obviously he has his issues with whatever he writes a line, but at the same time we are good friends and there’s no hard feelings whatsoever.”

In Flames will release their twelfth studio album “Battles” on November 11th.

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