In Flames

Ex-In Flames Guitarist Jesper Strömblad Calls The Band A “Sinking Ship”


Former In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad doesn’t hold the material the band have made since his 2010 departure from the outfit in high regard. Refrencing this older interview in which the members of the band discussed their songwriting process. Strömblad shared the interview in a since deleted post on his personal Facebook, commenting:

“Anders says as it is : D beaking news. He have never been a songwriter. Trying to “sing” with a vocalproducer” doing his best to polish the turd.And most imporatntly. I had no impact on the songwriting what so ever *crying*… Sorry guys, I jst could be quiet for once;) Just happy I left the sinking ship. Welcome trolls to piss on this post btw : )”