Jonathan Davis Originally Felt Sepultura’s “Roots” Was A “Blatant Korn Rip Off”


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has admitted that back in 1996 when Sepultura‘s “Roots” was released, he felt it was a “blatant Korn rip-off”, going so much as to argue with their shared producer Ross Robinson about it. He told Team Rock:

Slipknot were inspired by what we did, but they took it and did their own thing, which is fucking amazing.

One that I thought was a big compliment, but I also thought was fucked up, was Sepultura’s ‘Roots‘ album. That was just a blatant Korn rip-off, and I had it out with producer Ross Robinson about that, because he just took our sound and gave it to Sepultura.

My young brain couldn’t handle it. But they were one of our biggest influences, so I guess they get a pass. And that’s a classic album, so it’s all good.”

Former Sepultura members Max Cavalera and Iggor Cavalera are currently on tour in support of the 20th anniversary of “Roots“, performing the album in full. A recent interview conducted during the tour found Max reflect on the impact Korn had on the album.