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Deftones’ Chino Moreno Recalls Being Booed On Their First National Tour


Deftones frontman/guitarist Chino Moreno has reflected on the band’s first national tour back in the mid-90’s as direct support to Monster Magnet with Sugar Ray opening. got word from Moreno on the trek, having shared some quotes that didn’t make it into their recent feature on the band and their early years.

“The first tour we ever got was with Monster Magnet. We got a support slot and the band Sugar Ray was the opener. This is our first time embarking around the world, and we were literally playing shows where there was maybe six people there. People were like “Yo, you made it!” and then we were playing shows where people are just standing there going “Boooooo!” It was pretty bad.

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Sugar Ray had it even harder than us, because they were the first band. So there’d be two people there, just yelling at them. It’s pretty much proving yourself from scratch all over again, to the country. It always felt like we were on a gradual build, and it wasn’t one day “oh, we made it”. The minute we felt like we had made an accomplishment we got kicked back down. You’ve got a long way to go.

Which in the long run I think it helped us because we never got too big for our britches, we always felt like it’s the long haul. And we were lucky enough become a band when we had the chance to do that. These days artist development doesn’t really exist so much any more, so we were able to actually develop as a band over time, and grow up and not have it all be on YouTube.”

You can read more from Moreno on the “Adrenaline” years over at

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