Cavalera Conspiracy

Max & Iggor Cavalera Hoping For More Sepultura “Roots” 20th Anniversary Shows In 2017


The wheels are already spinning on another round of touring on the 20th anniversary of Sepultura‘s “Roots” from brothers/former members of the band, Max and Iggor Cavalera. With the first leg of touring currently underway, Max recently told Metal Injection of their future plans:

“I hope next year we can do a little bit more of it, even though it’s twenty one years. We’d love to do it again with a couple of different bands opening up. Igor reached out the other day to the Full Of Hell guys, and maybe we can get them out on the tour with us. That would be awesome. We could get some other cool new bands to be a part of it, and then we’ll probably continue until it’s time to do another Cavalera album which will eventually come to that.

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I think what’s cool about this is that I think this tour is going to inspire what we do on the next Cavalera record. Because it’s a really inspiring tour. Just to see all the fans back and see new fans, kids that weren’t even born when ‘Roots‘ came out, and they’re in the crowd, going crazy over it. It’s a trip for us as musicians to see that. And we know how important ‘Roots‘” was for the metal world. It’s the album that broke out a lot of barriers, with the tribal stuff we did. Nothing like that was done before, so it’s a groundbreaking record that’s fun to play live.”

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