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Dead Cross (Ex-Slayer, Etc.) Part Ways With Singer Gabe Serbian


Dead Cross—the new project featuring ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo alongside Justin Pearson, Mike Crain and Gabe Serbian of Retox, etc. fame have underwent a lineup change. Singer Gabe Serbian has left the band and the group have replaced him with an as-yet unannounced vocalist. They have been in the studio recording his new parts in recent weeks. Pearson commented recently on the ‘Everything Went Black Podcast‘ with TombsMike Hill:

“We had shows booked and shit before we even had a song written so it was a weird sort of scenario that we started. We went in like headfirst and wrote a set and played a bunch of shows and then immediately went to record an album, we were almost done, but our singer left the band. We have a new singer, so we’re re-recording vocals.”


When asked who it was, he replied:

“I’m not allowed to say yet. I want to say, I’ve told people but they’re like… He’s kind of an ‘established singer’ and they need an official announcement or something… Let’s just say it’s like a good friend of all of ours so it will be rad once it happens. He’s already recording and we have a label and stuff like that now.”

He was hesitant to reveal what label the band have signed with as of yet however.

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