Goes Cube Share “Strawmen” From Their Final Album


Goes Cube have released a new song titled “Strawmen” which features guest vocals from Zohra Atash of Azar Swan. It’s taken from the band’s farewell album, “Shadows Swallowed The Flood“, out October 21st on Old Flame Records. Guitarist/vocalist David Obuchowski told Decibel earlier this year of their decision to hang it up:

“This next album will be our third full-length album. But, most importantly, it will also be our final album. That is a really difficult thing to tell people, but it’s what needs to happen at this point. Goes Cube formed in Brooklyn in 2003 as a duo, but we didn’t really take shape until Kenny joined late that next year in 2004. Goes Cube was a band that practiced constantly (about 20 hours every single week), toured all the time, recorded a ton, and played way too many local NYC shows. We put all of ourselves into it. And I think we did something that mattered to some people, at least.

We tried to do something memorable and different. In the last few years, other projects have come together for us. Our bass player, Matt Tyson, produced a devastating documentary on veterans called ‘Thank You For Your Service‘, which is being screened all over the country. Our drummer, Kenny, is in Cleanteeth and White Widows Pact, who are tearing it up.

And I’m in Publicist UK who was fortunate enough to sign to Relapse Records. But throughout all these years, we’ve been writing and writing, and planning for this last album. When Publicist UK went on its most recent tour, a lot of people were asking me, “Hey, what’s the deal with Goes Cube? Did you guys break up?” It’s not right that Goes Cube would just fade away, like, oh, they must not be doing anything anymore. We just feel like we need to make this next album (and whatever shows we do to support it) our best yet, and our final statement.”

[via Brooklyn Vegan]

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