Full Blown Chaos' Ray Mazzola

Gofundme Launched For Full Blown Chaos Singer Ray Mazzola’s Health Woes


Full Blown Chaos singer Ray Mazzola has been suffering from a variety of medical issues that include blood clots and more. Having been hospitalized for awhile now, the medical bills are piling up this Gofundme has been launched. He said of his condition:

“For anyone who cares and those who are asking, I’ve been in the hospital for a while now. The better part of the last 2 months I was going through a cancer scare. Having tests, screenings and biopsies while trying to pull off regular life. Over the weekend I got super sick out of nowhere. 0-100 on my deathbed sick. Went to the hospital and was immediately admitted.

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I had somehow become septic and it was pushing out from my most recent medical issue which was the cellulitis I had in my leg. A gallon of blood, a bunch of meds and morpheme later the sepsis is under control. Batteries of tests are done and there’s good news and bad. Good news, No cancer present. Bad news, I have an inoperable blood clot causing distress and infection.

Some blood thinners and luck and I won’t have a sudden embolism and I’m back to normal in a couple of months. Next day more tests and I come back positive for APS (Antiphospholipid Syndrome) which is a rare genetic disorder that basically means my blood likes making clots. 20 years and hundreds of thousands of miles logged traveling on tour and going here and there.

Not a peep of this acting up. Oh and did I mention they found more clots? So I’m stuck in the hospital for as long as it takes the antibiotics to cull the sepsis and I get past a Thrombosis procedure to break up some of the clots next week. I’m on a full spectrum of intravenous antibiotics (they could sew a dead cat into my chest and I’d be fine) and my veins are blown out. Body is sore.

And I’m angry as all hell. Doctors orders consist of blood thinners for life and no more drinking… Ever. Despite getting a more than stellar report back on my liver and vital organs. Who has 2 thumbs and is going to be a huge asshole for a long time? THIS GUY. Keep your thoughts and prayers. I do appreciate it but I’m sure someone else in dire need can use the sympathy properly.”

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