Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor Says New Stone Sour Is “Some Of The Best Shit We’ve Ever Written”


Corey Taylor was recently interviewed by and among the topics discussed, were his thoughts on the next Stone Sour album. 18 songs have been demoed and according to the article, their plans now them entering the studio sometime this fall to begin recording it. Taylor said of it:

“It’s some of the best shit we’ve ever written. I’m champing at the bit to record it and get it ready to go. The cool thing is that it’s got a lot of different directions, but at it’s core it’s very hard rock, and I mean that in an almost sort of modern/classic sense. There are some hints of punk in there. There’s some cool hard rock/heavy metal.

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There’s just all these really cool elements that we’ve never really allowed ourselves to go into. We’re really to kind of push even further with this. It’ll feel like it’s all over the map, but it will be very unifying when everyone hears it. It’s exciting, man.”

Taylor also spoke of his guest appearance on the new Korn track, “A Different World“, which is set for their new album, “The Serenity Of Suffering” (out October 21st.) Taylor told Billboard of that:

“That was really cool. I didn’t even honestly expect the call. I knew they were working with Nick [Raskulinecz] and Nick hit me up and was like, ‘Dude, this fuckin’ shit’s going really well…We’ve got this tune, we’re trying to wrap our head around it but it might need you. I was like, ‘Fuckin’ when do you need me? I’m getting on a plane.’ I literally booked the flight the next day and flew down and did it. I just belted it out and we just kind of went for it. It was cool.”

He later added of the rest of the album: “It’s fuckin’ balls-out, man. It was like this old school kind of Korn vibe to it, from the first two albums that I absolutely loved. I can’t wait for people to hear this. It’s some of the best shit that they’ve written in years. It is so good people are gonna lose their fucking minds.”

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