Jane's Addiction

Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell: “I’d Say We’re Every Bit As Great As Guns N’ Roses”, New Music In The Works


Jane’s Addiction have some new material in the works according to frontman Perry Farrell. As he explained to The Wall Street Journal below, the band’s ongoing Ritual de lo habitual” 25th anniversary tour remains a priority however, as does a new live experience in Las Vegas, NV Farrell is planning. When asked of the status of new music, Farrell replied:

“This new [Las Vegas] project is going to have Jane’s music. I’m going to be recording live music throughout the year; it’s a constant recording process. Jane’s is going to be the test-pilot group. We’re going to have multiple residencies at this complex and Jane’s is going to be the first group hired. We already started working on some new tracks. But these things aren’t going to super takeoff. We have to finish off this 25-year celebration.”

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Farrell, who created the ‘Lollapalooza‘ festival, spoke further of the project mentioned above:

“I’m really happy there are festivals. If there weren’t festivals, I don’t know what music would sound like. Festivals have been the bread and butter for musicians for the last 10 years. We’ve been going at it for 25. The more festivals, the better. It’s just another place for the audience to gather and the musicians to perform for them. Like most things, when it’s knocked off and copied, after a while the artistry and the imagination starts to dry up.

That, I’m not too happy about. That’s why I’m starting this new project. This new project is music-centric. It’s in Las Vegas. But I’m changing the model entirely. I’m changing the scale entirely — it’s going to be for an audience around 1,200 per show. It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.”

Farrell also reflected on the band’s legacy, offering:

“If you come to the show this time around, we have a gorgeous set design, gorgeous lights, gorgeous dancers. And we play out these stories, these dramatic tales, in music. That was our main concern and still is today. It wasn’t the hit single. We were much more like the Stooges or the Velvets or the Grateful Dead, in the way that we loved playing music, we loved holding instruments, and playing with each other.

That was our life. We weren’t looking at the radio. I gave up on the idea of being a radio band. My wife said something to me very wise. From time to time, I get a little sad and say “Gosh, I wish we would have sold more records or had more radio airplay.” And she said, “When you’re singing about ménage a trois and heroin, you have a limited audience. What do you expect?”

My life is surrounded with great music, great people, who are in it for the right reasons. I have been able to sustain, regardless. We might not have sold as many records as Guns N’ Roses, but I’d say we’re every bit as great as Guns N’ Roses. Some might argue we’re even greater.”

For more from Farrell head to The Wall Street Journal.

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