Overkill’s Bobby Blitz Speaks On New Album Progress


Overkill frontman Bobby Blitz spoke with Full Metal Jackie (via Loudwire) recently and gave the following update on the band’s forthcoming new album, which is tentatively scheduled for an October 28th release date.

“We stop one thing just to start doing another. So we’re going to do — we love the European Festival circuit, they are kind of like mini vacations. You go over there for a 2 weekend jaunt, nine days and you fill it up with festivals from Thursday through Sunday and then maybe a headline here and there and the next Thursday through Sunday are festivals. So we’ll be doing that as we’re finishing the recording of this. I’m at the point now where I’m five songs deep. DD, Dave, Derek and Ron gave me 11 songs up until right now. We’re… right now, those guys are rehearsing and I’m at home writing. I’m going to go down and rehearse with them at the end of the week.

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It’s kind of business as usual when it’s kind of multifaceted. Even the last couple of records I finished on the road. I would take just a portable studio, you can put them on your computer these days. I can do the demos in the back of the bus. It was killer because I like to tour while we’re writing because it’s a great transference. That live energy on the stage that transfers over to tape. Not the tape, but digital information. You can’t feign that.

It’s like coming off, me personally, in San Antonio or San Francisco and being able to hit the back of the bus and put down some demo vocals. The last memory or experience I had with the band, was all about 110 percent. That kind of feeling, so it transfers easily. I like doing both, touring and writing songs. So that’s the plan for the summer, but we’re looking to be done with the recording by the end of July.”