Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch In The Studio For New Album


As part of their current recording contract, Five Finger Death Punch were barred from entering the studio to work on their next album until June 05th. It seems they are wasting no time with that limitation having now passed, as the group have been posting footage (see below) of themselves in the studio this week.

Those sessions find them holed up with their longtime producer Kevin Churko, who was dragged a legal dispute filed against the band by their current label Prospect Park. In that suit the label allege that the band had been rushing out subpar material to fulfil their contract, among other claims.

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The band have since denied those claims, and despite still being under contract to Prospect Park for one more album, have agreed to sign with Rise Records for their albums that follow this upcoming effort. The aforementioned legal dispute has yet to be resolved, though the band themselves have expressed confidence that it will have a positive outcome for them.

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