Hear Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain Guest On New Silent Planet Track “Psychescape”


Silent Planet have premiered “Psychescape” from their new album, “Everything Was Sound“. Underoath/Sleepwaves frontman Spencer Chamberlain guests on the track, having also co-wrote the lyrics. Band vocalist Garrett Russell commented:

“The song is told from the viewpoint of a character that suffers from Schizophrenia. I speak in the mindset of the character as he wishes to escape his mind and the control of society, whereas Spencer speaks as the voice of indifference towards reality and taboos of culture – overall embracing what some might call ‘madness’ as a gift.”

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As for the album itself, Solid State Records will release it on July 01st, with the following offered of its lofty concept:

“Written as a concept piece, ‘Everything Was Sound‘ takes place within a Panopticon – a prison of deception. By definition, a Panopticon is a circular prison where prisoners can be viewed from a central well at all times. Further elaborating the concept Russell said “every room in the prison is another person diagnosed with mental illness.” Some of them suffer from environmental trauma, like PTSD, which Russell argues to be an internalization of the violent world we create. “I’m trying to understand these stories throughout the songs – both challenging society’s stigmatization of mental illness while searching for hope amidst the inner-reality of suffering people.” To Russell, who holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology (and revealed that he has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder) the album hits especially close to home.”