Brujeria Release Digital Single For “Viva Presidente Trump!”


A digital single of Brujeria‘s recent ‘Record Store Day‘ release, “Viva Presidente Trump!“, is now available. The song is backed by the b-side, “Pared De Muerte“. The band’s Juan Brujo explained of the title track:

“The song (‘Viva Presidente Trump!’) was on the shelf for years with no idea for vocals. It was gonna be an ‘Anti-Castro’ part II song but nothing came out of it. It just needed proper motivation to go and attach itself to someone… and Trump came thru! I see Trump as the white republican version of Juan Brujo circa ’93. Wanting to start shit for the hell of it!!! That’s why it’s called “Viva Presidente Trump!” We both want the same thing! So much that I want to be his running mate!!!”

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You can find a teaser for the title track below and pick it up now at Amazon & iTunes. Lyrically the song is about exactly what you’d expect from Brujeria, who provided the following English translation of the lyrics:

“Long live president Trump
We know the score, he fucking hates us
His vision is to be the big dick Hitler Wilson
He talks shit about Mexicans, aliens and wetbacks
If he becomes president there’ll be trouble in every state

I actually want him to be president gabacho
Because he wants war and so do we
I want the Trumpy president to win
Because if he starts something, we’re definitely gonna finish it

He hates wetbacks, he hates Mexicans
If Trump wins he’ll deport everyone
He hates my race, he loves his money
That crazy güero is going to start a war

Hey Mr. Chapo, keep your money
I’ll bring him to you for free tied up like a dog
I’m voting for the crazy güero
Because of him we’re going to war

He wants war
And so do I
Throwing punches
Get in the ring motherfucker

He talks shit, about Mexico
He hates wetbacks, deport them
He wants war, get in the ring fucker
There are soldiers in every fucking corner

He wants war
And so do I
He wants war
Get in the ring fucker
Soldiers in
Every corner
Long live President Trump!

That’s right fuckers, you heard me right
I want the biggest asshole for president gabacho
If you want war, come on you twat
The army is ready
With soldiers in every corner
Viva México Cabron!”

Brujeria - Viva Presidente Trump!