Stone Sour

Corey Taylor Lays Out Timeline For New Stone Sour Album


Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor (also of Slipknot) has laid out the tentative timeline for the next Stone Sour album. He told Loudwire in the below interview:

“Right now we’re kind of taking our time, cause the rest of this year is touring with Slipknot off and on. But the cool thing is we’re getting together like every couple months and writing songs and stuff. Right now we have about, I want to say, fifteen that are really, really strong and we’re gonna do another ten and see where we’re at. Timeline wise, hopefully get into the studio either January or February next year. Get that together in a couple months and then try to get the album out by the summer, and it’s amazing. The stuff we’re writing right now, its got elements of metal, its got elements of hard rock, its got elements of punk, its got all these things that we all love and we all share. And we’re just kind of shoving it through the Stone Sour funnel and seeing what happens and it’s all really, really good.”

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