Terror's Scott Vogel With The Ghost Inside's Jonathan Vigil

Terror’s Scott Vogel Talks Record Sales, Past Beefs With Refused, The Ghost Inside, Etc.


Terror frontman Scott Vogel guests on the new episode of Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta‘s ‘The Jasta Show‘. He shares some interesting thoughts throughout the conversation, read on for some excerpts:

On social media and record sales:

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“I know how big Terror is and I don’t think we’re gonna blow… It’s too late for us to whatever, so I don’t get wrapped up in stuff like that and I definitely don’t have any complaints. But it is crazy to see how many followers we have compared to record sales. It’s even crazier to see—to me—like, at our merch booth we’ll sell 99 t-shirts and 1 CD. It’s like ‘don’t you want the music?’… Cool, get the shirt please, but don’t you want the music and the lyrics and all that stuff?”

Jasta also asked Vogel why he ranted about Refused a few years back and the seemingly capitalistic nature of their return over the past few years. He reluctantly offered:

“They were just so anti-anything, anti-money, anti, you know? And then they come back and they’re completely booking Live Nation shows and you know, just everything they did. But in retrospect, who am I to tell them what to do, they can do whatever they want. I should probably just worry about myself.”

Jasta also brought up Vogel‘s past beef with The Ghost Inside, which though squashed for a number of years, continues to pop up in various internet comments from trolls:

“With The Ghost Inside thing, I was pretty tight with them, we toured with them alot. And what I said, like I said I meant. And then I talked to the band and we talked about it like men and put it to rest. And hung out—’Warped Tour‘, 7 weeks, all the time. And then they get in this horrible bus crash, where they got fucked up, which, heartbreaking. And you see the comments on the internet: ‘I bet Terror‘s happy.’ I’m like, ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ Like people would write that? It like, really, first of all bummed me out, and then makes me mad. I mean there’s gotta be a… Like when something like that happens and you’re writing any negative comment, you’re not a good person.”

As for Terror‘s next album, though the band have contractually completed their previous deal and are free agents, but they don’t expect to begin actually working intently on it until June—though even that is tentative. A final stipulation on their complete contract specifies that they won’t be able to really get down to business and map out their next effort until a year after their latest album, “The 25th Hour“, which came out on August 07th, 2015.