Oxbow Launch $20,000 Gofundme To Recoup Costs Of Making New Album


Oxbow‘s Eugene Robinson has posted a Gofundme with which he hopes to recoup half of the $40,000 the band have invested into their upcoming new album, “Thin Black Duke“—their first full-length release since 2007. In most situations a record label will front a band an advance sum of money to cover the costs of making an album, taking back their investment from its units sold before the band sees any real profit (aka recouping their investment.) As Oxbow worked on this effort independently, they find themselves thus far in the hole. Robinson said of the matter:

OXBOW needs help.

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[But would understand perfectly well if you scoffed at our need for it.]

The deal: Our new record the THIN BLACK DUKE cost us, over the course of the decade we’ve worked on it, $40,000. [And we have yet to master it for vinyl or make a video for it.] We can provide receipts for everything we’ve done and we do now have a label for it but no sane label will give us back the 40 we spent [and we don’t expect them to] and truth be told no sane band would have spent 40,000 dollars in the first place but if you’ve read this far you know how OXBOW is and even better what OXBOW does.

The record is phenomenal. When it’s out this November you’ll either buy a copy or steal one. As is your habit. You may not even like it but you’ll not be confused: it’s as perfect a work of art as you’re likely to hear and marks a departure for OXBOW but almost familiar ground for those who enjoyed THE NARCOTIC STORY.

In any case we only asked for half the amount spent because asking for the full amount feels ridiculous. But many hands make light work and if you’re so inclined even $1 would help.

And no, we’re not sick, dying, in jail or victims of some awful crime or accident. But the day is young even if we’re not. So give if the mood strikes you. Mock if that suits you best. Either way we completely understand.”

Robinson has also fired back at one of their detractors who expressed their disgust with the campaign:

“we will sell the album, we will sell merch, we have jobs (which enabled the record to be made), we do shows just like we’ve been doing in one form or another since 1980. None of which will ever amount to $40,000 even if in the end 40,000 people will have gotten the record. Because: the Internet and “free” music. We’re OK with this. We’re also OK with you not giving a penny like you’ve already not been giving a penny. Thanks for writing. Prick.”

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