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Woman Berated By Disturbed Frontman For Texting During Their Set Speaks Out


The woman who was berated by Disturbed frontman David Draiman during the band’s recent set in Dallas, TX has spoken to the Dallas Observer to give her side of the story. Draiman launched into a tirade against the woman for allegedly texting during the entire show, video of which circulated online soon after. The woman, identified as Shannon Pardue, disputes Draiman‘s claims that she was on her phone the entire set. An excerpt from the Dallas Observer story reads:

“Despite what Draiman announced during the show, Pardue claims that she wasn’t texting the entire show. Like other fans, she’d taken pictures, posted a status update and even rocked out with other fans by raising her fist in the air.

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She didn’t even start texting her 14-year-old daughter — who was at home in the middle of a nasty hail storm — until after the show was over, she says, and the band had already left the stage. As the crowd began chanting “one more song,” Pardue began texting with her daughter, who had just returned home from youth night at their church with thunderstorms ravaging the area.

When Draiman and the rest of the band came onstage, the crowd started cheering, but Pardue was still conversing with her daughter in text messages when the Disturbed frontman singled her out and the House of Blues spotlight fell upon them.

Pardue says she waved at first, and her husband, who was also a longtime fan, thought it was cool that Draiman, a rockstar who has sold hundreds of thousands of records and gained international fame, actually singled her out. So when Draiman asked her what was more important than listening to his band, she tried to tell him that her kids were more important, but he couldn’t hear her without a microphone.”

For more from her side of the story, head to Dallas Observer. Draiman himself let go of the caps key to further explain his side of the story (posted before reading the Dallas Observer piece) via the band’s Facebook:

“1. That woman was not a fan. She was the date of a real fan who was standing next to her. She was face in phone from the moment the show started till the very end.

2. I didn’t “stop the show”. This was when we came back out for an encore, and I started out by saying how amazing the crowd was (the part not on the recording)…this woman, who didn’t want to be there in the first place was the exception, so I chose to make an example of her.

3. These shows went on sale in August and the whole run sold out in 48 hours. There were many TRUE fans who simply didn’t have the opportunity to buy tickets and would GLADLY have switched places with this woman.



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