Winds Of Plague

Winds Of Plague Talk New Album Progress, Future Live Shows


Winds Of Plague drummer Art Cruz and keyboardist Alana Potocnik took part in a livestream Q&A yesterday, March 09th, and were asked about their progress on the group’s new album. Cruz replied:

“We’re working on new music like crazy. It’s kinda going down slower than we thought, but we’re taking our sweet time to make sure that it’s like super impactful. it’s gonna actually be really killer.”

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He later added:

“We’re writing a lot heavier stuff this time around. I think we’re actually drop tuning our guitars a little bit. We’re kind of experimenting with the drop tuning lately and it’s actually coming out really good. Still musical, there’s a lot of… there’s still a lot of riffage, so ya know we gotta keep that shred going on.”

He further went on to reveal that four songs have been completed for it thus far and no release date is planned as of yet. It’s also worth noting that the band’s longtime label home Century Media currently has the group listed as a ‘former artist’ on their official website, Cruz later mentioned that the band are planning some new live dates in June. As of now they are booked to play two shows with Carnifex and more in April. You can watch the whole Q&A session below:

Art & Alana are Live! Ask us some questions!

Posted by Winds of Plague on Wednesday, March 9, 2016


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