Lars Ulrich On Metallica’s New Album: “Hopefully We Should Be Able To Knock That On The Head This Spring”


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich estimates that the band should be able to get their new album done this spring. He recently told

“I think it will be a pretty in-your-face year, at least the back half of it. Obviously, we’ve gotta finish the new record now. But thankfully we’re quite far along. Hopefully we should be able to knock that on the head this spring, I would guess. So we will be gearing up and playing shows and doing all that fun stuff again soon.”

Even though the new album remains their chief focus, the band have been looking to their past a lot lately with deluxe reissues of “Kill ‘Em All” & “Ride The Lightning coming April 15th and their “A Master Of Puppets” visual history book Metallica: Back To The Front due in the fall. The nostalgic experience has had an effect on the band, though Ulrich isn’t sure exactly how just yet:

“There’s been this dichotomy between the new record, moving the band forward, and all this great stuff that’s happening in the future, and then really seeing the Matt Taylor book and reissues,” Ulrich says. “We’ve had one foot in the past, sifting through old photos and old memorabilia and listening to old songs, and another in the new album. It’s been a confluence of all these different energies, and I’m not even sure exactly what to make of all of it.”

In addition to the releases mentioned above, the band are serving as the ambassadors for this year’s ‘Record Store Day‘ event (April 16th) and will release “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica! – Live at Le Bataclan. Paris, France – June 11th, 2003” as part of the event, with proceeds to benefit survivors of the November Le Bataclan attack.

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