Metallica - Master Of Puppets

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett & More Reflect On “Master Of Puppets” Turning 30


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, and guitarist Kirk Hammett have taken the time to reflect on the the upcoming 30th anniversary of their 1986 album, “Master Of Puppets“, which hits the milestone tomorrow, March 03rd. The album’s co-producer Flemming Rasmussen also sits in on the chat, which took place with It’s a lengthy read, but has some nice attention to detail. An excerpt from it can be found below:

“There’s a spark or spontaneity or impulsiveness that happens when you’re in your twenties. We wrote Master Of Puppets in probably eight weeks over that summer. Nowadays, it takes me eight weeks just to drive down to the studio. It’s like, ‘What the fuck did we do in the summer of ’85 where we could just give birth to that from the first note to the last note in eight weeks?’ Death Magnetic took us probably 18 months from when we started writing to when we started recording. On this current record, it probably took us about nine months. How the fuck do you write a record like Master Of Puppets in eight weeks?”

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Read on at The anniversary has not been lost on Metallica, as the band will also release a special book commemorating the album titled ‘Metallica: Back To The Front‘. Some more details on that can be found at this location.

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