Rotten Sound Streaming New Song “Inhumane Treatment”


Rotten Sound‘s new song “Inhumane Treatment” is now up for streaming. It is taken from their new full-length offering, “Abuse To Suffer“. out March 25th on Season Of Mist. The band’s bassist Kristian Toivainen commented:

“As I did not plan ‘Inhumane Treatment‘ to become a Rotten Sound track, it was easily done without any stressing. I was just playing around with some riffs and thought about writing a slow death metal song in the style of Bolt Thrower and Dismember. It had quite many riffs, but after I while I got bored with all that slowness, added grind and d-beat parts and turned it into our tune. Keijo is using the classic ENT-Doom-UK-crust-grandpa-vocal-style in the chorus, which works like a charm on top of the d-beat.”

[via Revolver]

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