Incubus Aim To Go In “New Direction”, Guitarist Talks Of Performing With Justin Bieber At The Grammys


Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger was recently interviewed by and spoke of the band’s next release and his own upcoming plans. When asked where the band are at now with their next album, he replied:

“We haven’t been recording so much as writing. We had a whole bunch of music put together and then we kind of pushed it to the side and said, “Let’s just go in a different direction and try new things.” So we’re in this great place where we’re feeling really creative and have a lot of new material. Whatever the album ends up being, it will be great because we have so many songs to work with.”

When asked to when it would come out, he responded:

“The idea was to put something out before this summer and tour this summer but we didn’t want to force it. We really wanted to take our time and make the best music that we possibly could. We just didn’t want to repeat ourselves and get trapped in sort of a formulaic delivery system, which is easy to [fall into], especially when you’ve been doing this as long as we have. So we’ve just been exploring all kinds of different musical avenues. It’s been really enlightening and fun.”

If you had a keen eye and watched the Grammys earlier this week, you may have noticed that both Einziger and Queens Of The Stone Age drummer Jon Theodore joined Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Diplo for their performance of “Where Are Ü Now” at the awards ceremony. Proper footage of the entire performance has yet to be released online (you can see a it below,) but Einziger said about how that came together:

“I’d spent a lot of time working on the arrangement with Sonny [Skrillex] and Diplo, then we went into rehearsals and things kept changing. Sonny‘s a great guitarist, so he was playing guitar. I brought a keyboard and some big drums and Diplo was like, “I want to do that, it looks like fun.” We had two drum sets, so we brought in Jon Theodore [of Queens of the Stone Age], who is one of my favorite drummers. Then my wife, Ann Marie [Calhoun], is a great violinist, so we worked all this up, then Justin came in.”

Next up for Eingizer is an eight-week tour of Europe in April/May with composer Hans Zimmer. You can find out more about that and the above at

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