Phil Anselmo & Scott Ian

Anthrax’s Scott Ian Says Phil Anselmo’s Actions Were “Vile”


There’s been a relative wall of silence when it comes to the peers of Philip Anselmo and his usage of racist remarks & gestures. While Machine Head‘s Robb Flynn came out swinging with a public condemnation, only a a few others have spoken out. In the firestorm of controversy that’s emerged since the footage came to light, Anselmo has since apologized and asked for “another chance.” One of the so-called ‘big four’, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, has now shared his thoughts on the matter, offering the following via his official website,


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Hate speech. Racism. Inflammatory rhetoric.

All dangerous no matter what the context. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for any of this and to not speak out against them is as dangerous as the acts themselves.

Philip‘s actions were vile and that should be the focus here, anything else is just noise.

Philip has apologized and I would like to offer him the opportunity to really show how much he loves everyone by making a donation to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


The Simon Wiesenthal Center donation page

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