Petition To Have Down Removed From ‘Download Festival’ Launched Following Anselmo’s Racist Outburst


File this under ‘you had to see this coming.’ A man has launched a petition to have Down removed from the annual ‘Download Festival‘ due to the racist remarks/gestures made by the band’s frontman Phil Anselmo at last weekend’s ‘Dimebash‘. Anselmo himself has since apologized twice—the first questionably labelling the incident as an ‘inside joke’ stemming from white wine. His most recent apology arrived in video form and you can view it here.

While some have been welcome to forgive Anselmo for his actions, others have felt that it was the final straw—given that he has already previously apologized for making racially intolerant comments back in 1995. As of press time, there’s only 80 supporters to have backed the petition, which is available at One would expect that more petitions like this will follow given how divisive Anselmo‘s actions have been in the metal community.