Filter Go ‘New Industrial” With New Song “Take Me To Heaven”, Next Album Due In April


Filter have chosen “Crazy Eyes” as the title to their new album. An April 08th release date has been scheduled for the effort on Wind-Up Records and a stream of the first single “Take Me To Heaven“, can be found below. Frontman/guitarist Richard Patrick explained to that the song was penned about the loss of his father. Patrick also refers to the album as being ‘new industrial’ in the aforementioned chat, stating:

“This record is more experimental and crazy. It’s where I am today. I wanted to go to some scary, weird places instead of doing that big-ass guitar sound again.”

He later added:

“This is a record I play in my car because I like it. I’m just as angry as I’ve ever been.”

There’s some touring plans in the works as well, for more details head to Joining Patrick this time out are guitarist Oumi Kapila, bassist Ashley Dzerigian, drummer Chris Reeve and keyboardist Bobby Miller.

Filter - Crazy Eyes