Blake Judd (Nachtmystium) Returns To Social Media, Claims Sobriety And Hopes To Make Amends


Blake Judd of Nachtmystium, etc. fame has returned to social media after a lengthy absence. Back in 2014 Judd‘s now apparent past struggles with substance abuse saw him rip off numerous fans with bogus pre-orders, among other less than savory acts, eventually landing him in jail. Judd himself claims to now be sober and offered the following to his upset past fans:

“I went to rehab (somehow, I survived) and now live in another state, have been sober for a few months, am employed and have absolutely nothing to do with music anymore nor do I wish to. My girlfriend has nothing to do with drugs at all or metal at all, so you’re barking up the wrong tree there. She knows all about all of this though and understands that it all happened and it is what it is. Today I am just trying to be healthy and happy and the farthest thing from the person I used to be, taking it one day at a time.

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I am truly sorry for anyone who fell victim to my behavior when I was in the throes of addiction, and when I am capable of making amends to those people, I will. Harassing me or my loved ones here will do nothing to fix anything. Fortunately I survived and I intend on doing the right thing in places where I did wrong in the past. That’s all I have to say. Direct anything any of you want to say at me. Don’t bother other people who have nothing to do with any of this.”

Having been called out for the vague nature of his statement of making amends, Judd replied to another Facebook user:

“…When I am capable means when I am capable. I am not going to promise anyone anything when I dont have the means to follow through on it. Right now, I dont have those means. You have no idea what Im coming back from, kid. And if I wasnt who I am, you wouldn’t care nor would anyone else. Every junkie lies, cheats and steals from someone….I’m no different.

Not pretending to be. But what I’m not today is full of shit. And I’d be full of shit to say I am going to start paying back debts when I don’t have the ability to do it. My road back to normalcy is going to be a long one. Some day though, I will do something with the list I have compiled of the people whom I owe money to for merch. Until then, yeah, it’ll be ‘when Im capable’.”

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