Lamb Of God Guitarist Reveals A Band Once Gave Them Their Demo And Then Sued Them


Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton isn’t being a dick when he says he doesn’t want to hear your demo. As it turns out there’s a good reason why he is reluctant to take the works of up and coming bands. He explained over a series of tweets his Twitter:

“Years ago, some aspiring band gave us their demo to listen to. Some time after that unremarkable incident, they presented us with a law suit…they claimed that upon hearing their crappy demo, we stole some of their music and released as our own without compensating them…those allegations were (of course) completely untrue, & the whole thing went away as quickly as it had appeared….but….THAT, my good friends, is why I don’t want to hear your demo. As so often happens in life…one asshole ruins it for everybody!”

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