Live Footage Of “Daddy” From Devin Townsend’s Casualties Of Cool DVD Released


January 15th will see the proper retail release of Devin Townsend & Ché Aimee Dorval‘s crowdfunded Casualties Of Cool project through InsideOut Music. The self-titled album has been expanded to a 2-CD/1-DVD set with the latter featuring a live performance at the Union Chapel in London, England. The below performance of “Daddy” is taken from that. Townsend commented of the release:

Casualties Of Cool is a project that means a great deal to me, and also one that we have only had the chance to play live with three (3) times (!). This DVD we made was the second show we ever played and the first with Morgan on drums, so there’s an element of ‘warts and all’ involved that I take into consideration. However, Casualties is very refreshing for me. No click tracks, no backing tracks, no talking and a hefty dose of live improvisation make this a situation that I believe with some exposure could hold an absolute ton of potential. The idea is to take a typical folky aesthetic and wrap it in a moody, kind of haunted David Lynch type aura. It’s great fun and Che is brilliant.

I have always said that having played metal and then trying to do something different is akin to having had done porn and then trying to be a ‘legitimate’ actor. I love metal and will always play it, but damn… I think given half a chance Casualties Of Cool could be really awesome as a live entity. So anyways, I’m not holding my breath but we took some time and 3 cameras to our second gig ever at the Union Chapel last year in London, and here is a song. I hope some of you enjoy it. : ) Devin

Pre-orders are availble here.

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