Bane To End Farewell Tour With North American Run


Bane‘s farewell tour has been a lengthy endeavor, spanning just over a year now. The group will wind down the run in 2016 and said of that:

“Just over a year ago, Bane started saying our goodbye’s. What a journey it has been.

South America kicked it off, next came the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong . Followed by Australia and Japan. Places and times that we will forever hold close. Rafael, Kennet, Riz, Mawds and Crowe, Daiki, and every friend and fan who came out and stood by us along the way, we miss you already and will be forever grateful.

Now we stand at the end of our final European tour, seven weeks and 25 countries. Saying goodbye night after night doesn’t get any easier. It is such a strange thing having something we discussed as an idea on how we wanted to walk away from this all, becoming more of a reality every day. The emotions that come along with all of this. But it is what we set out to do and we have to stay strong and continue.

To Marco, Ivonne, Mekk and the Avocado crew. Thank you for your tireless effort and commitment. Yura, Nadav and Kids Insane crew, Dimitris, Zoltan, Code Orange, Backtrack, Wolf Down, Tausend Löwen unter Feinden, Vladimir, and lastly, each and every one of you who traveled, hung out, sang along, smiled, cried and hugged us close, thank you for being a part of what has been the most fulfilling adventure of our lives.
But this is not over just yet.

January 2-3 we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary in Worcester Massachusetts, inside the same room that held our very first show. In February we will say, farewell to Mexico. Then in March-May 2016, as winter turns to spring, we will embark on our final tour as a band. It will take us through the United States and select cities in Canada. The details are being cooked up as I type this, and we will be announcing the dates any day now. It’s going to be a good one and it’s going to be a sad one.

We are well and truly out of our comfort-zone right now, goodbyes and fanfare and letting go of this enormous chunk of our lives. There are 1,000 cliche’s that we can type here, each of them feels more empty than the last.

We followed our hearts, trusted in our emotions and the end has rushed to our doorstep much too quickly, but we really are going to try to make the most of and enjoy every last detail of these final few pages..

To each and every one of you who is coming out to be a part of it all, pulling us through and making the end feel survivable, we must (we must, we must..)

thank you.
The boys in Bane

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