Philip H. Anselmo Says Early Superjoint Ritual Touring Was A Blur Of Heavy Drugs & Booze


Philip H. Anselmo was recently asked by Phoenix New Times what has changed for Superjoint‘s (aka Superjoint Ritual) latest spate of shows when compared to their original run in the early 2000’s. If you caught the band around then, his answer should come as no surprise:

“So-briety! (Laughter.) Simply put. Sobriety. You know, originally we were plugging along with Superjoint, truth is, and I’m not a bit embarrassed or ashamed to admit it at all, I really don’t remember much about Superjoint from back then except for little pieces. I was fucked up out of my fucking mind on heavy drugs … and the overindulgence of booze. These days, don’t get me wrong, I like my suds and I like a bit of the white grape…

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But I think very damn [well] one of us has a much clearer mind. A much more stable support system within that realm. And we’re all veterans now, man. We’ve been through the lowest of times together, and this group of people—specifically, [guitarist] Jimmy Bower and [bassist] Kevin Bond — when it was time to say “fuck this road to destruction,” we all kind of did that together.

We all came off of heavy drugs at the same time. So I think there’s this strength with knowledge there about what not to do. So really it just happened from our clear minds and fresh blood there. It’s a positive thing. It feels like it’s fun again, and isn’t that the point? If you’re going to make music and you’re having fun while you’re doing it, nothing in this world cane deter from that.”

Superjoint are currently out with Danzig, Veil Of Maya, Prong and more on the ‘Blackest Of The Black Tour‘ and also have some headlining shows booked.

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