Sean Reinert Speaks On Why He Left Cynic


Metal Injection attempted to get some clarity regarding the confusing status of Cynic. Earlier in the week drummer Sean Reinert announced that the band was done, while singer/guitarist Paul Masvidal went on to say that Reinert acted alone in his proclamation and that he would continue the group. Reinert then fired back at some of Masvidal‘s claims. Reinert has since spoken with Metal Injection and had the following to say:

On the ‘final straw’ to leaving Cynic:

“Pretty much when the musical preparation and performances were not up to par. I am able to put personal issues aside from the music, but when music suffers; it’s time to call it”

On being unhappy with Paul‘s performances:

“That was just the icing. There has been quite a bit of tension for several years. I had gotten into a pattern of being passive on the business end and when things got bad I turned to alcohol. It was a bad cycle. Now that I’ve been out of that cloud for almost a year I’m seeing and feeling the damage. I’m to blame for letting that happen, but I don’t have to continue under those circumstances any longer now that I can see how toxic our relationship had become. And yes we had discussed his lack of practice even back to last summer’s US tour.”

On if Masvidal can continue playing as Cynic:

“He would have to perform under a different name or get a signed agreement with me in order to legally use it. At the moment there is no such agreement. I am not claiming it, therefore he cannot. Cynic just plainly ceases to exist at this point, as an active band. Obviously, the catalog will remain.”

On if he would ever work with Paul again:

“I can’t imagine a circumstance.”

There’s more to read on the matter from Reinert over at Metal Injection.

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