Three Members Of Neurotic November Drop Rhymes Via “On The Come Up”


A stream of “On the Come Up” from Neurotic November‘s new album “Fighting Words” was made public today. You can heard it below, with the bands bassist Bear offering:

“‘On The Come Up‘ is about focusing and turning your dreams into reality. There are a lot of people in life who will try and knock you down with their words, everyone knows a “hater.” Avoid them, and keep doing what you do. Roach [guitar], and our producer came up with the idea to have a track where vocalist Dee Dee raps all the way through.

He wanted Nig [guitar] on the verse as well, and I wanted in on the idea! It’s the trifecta of 3 different struggles with one main focus. We’re on the come up 2K15!”

Victory Records will release the album on September 18th.