The Browning Anger Intronaut, Etc. Members After Comparing Theft To Unrest In Ferguson, MO


The Browning recently created a social media firestorm when they took to their Facebook to vent on the theft of Kingdom Of Giants‘ gear and personal items in St. Louis, MO. It’s not the theft that drew the ire of fans & fellow musicians however, rather the way they approached it, bringing the racial unrest and loss of life in Ferguson, MO into the matter:

“Our friends in Kingdom Of Giants are yet another band in a long line, including ourselves, to fall victim to personal property theft in St Louis, MO. This is just disgusting and it’s beyond out of control. While citizens of Ferguson are stopping traffic to “raise awareness” of a year old tragedy, let us come together to raise awareness of the ongoing wave of crime that continues to plague bands and fans alike. More and more bands are refusing to play in St Louis because it’s simply not safe and this affects the fans who would love nothing more than to see their favorite bands just one more time, but no longer can. Please share this post and drop by Kingdom of Giants page and leave them something positive!”

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Things quickly spiraled out of control, with the band further explaining their original comments:

“Guys lets try to get along. This post was not meant to offend anyone and we are seriously sorry if it has. We are not comparing ferguson to St Louis other than that they are basically the same area. As we already stated, what has happened in ferguson was and still is a tragedy. We do not intend at all to downplay that or to say that some stolen laptops can compare to the loss of life. All we were saying is that standing in the road to stop traffic isn’t going to do anything but cause more senseless violence. People were almost run over for that. It all needs to stop. The murder, the theft, the violence. We can live in a world of peace if we all just try!”

Followed by:

“Again, we are not trying to compare stolen laptops to loss of life. I dunno if you missed that part in what we just said. Never meant to be a comparison. And if they accomplished something positive that’s great, but from every video and post I saw, it just seemed to enrage people.”

Intronaut‘s Sacha Dunable and The FacelessMichael Keene then weighed in:

Sacha Dunable And Michael Keene

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