Slayer’s Kerry King Says ‘Mayhem Festival’ Co-Founder “Committed Business Suicide”


Slayer guitarist Kerry King has spent the last weeks or so slamming this years ‘Mayhem Festival following some comments festival co-founder Kevin Lyman made about his perception of a declining metal scene. That train of thought continues, though this time with a much softer edge, as King has told

“I didn’t take what he said personally, he just definitely had a mic put in front of him and said some shit that’s detrimental to this tour and any tours he has in the future — not just Mayhem, but whatever else he promotes. Because, to me, he committed business suicide. At the end of the day, what I think happened to Mayhem was that they waited too late in the game to get the talent they needed to pull it off correctly. Because what happens is, people get booked up so early these days that it seems like all the bands that could have made this more of a success are playing in Europe now instead of being on a U.S. festival. It just made the talent pool less than it could be.”

Slayer are of course headlining this years edition of the festival. Despite all the fuss, King would be open to playing the ‘Mayhem Festival‘ again in the future, offering:

“Under different circumstances, of course. One of the owners is a close friend of mine, and I can’t wait for him to come back. Not to chew him out, just to say, ‘Hey dude, I understand your partner made some shitty comments, but I don’t hold that against you. You didn’t say ‘em, you’re my bro, and somebody never should have put a mike in front of that guy. In the future you better keep a mic away from him if you want your festivals to be well-attended, because he’s just fucking everything up.’”

Slayer‘s new album “Repentless” will be released on September 11th.

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