All That Remains’ Phil Labonte: “Can’t Shoot A Lion, But You Can Dissect An Unborn Human For Profit Or Research”


In addition to being the singer of All That Remains, Phil Labonte is well known for his libertarian views and support of the right to keep and bear arms. More than that though he is known as being outspoken, so it’s little surprise that he has given his two cents on the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by an American hunter/dentist. The lion, which resided in Hwange National Park, was allegedly lured outside of the park and killed.

There has been a massive public uproar over the incident, with the hunter, identified as Walter James Palmer of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, facing potential criminal charges over the allegedly illegal hunt. Labonte took to his Facebook to share the following:

“So some hunter shot a lion that apparently was fairly docile. The people who disagree with that action have called for his business to be shut down, called for the federal government to revoke his citizenship, and I’ve even seen one that hopes for his family, not him, his FAMILY to get terminal cancer and die. This is us, this is who we are. Can’t shoot a lion, but you can dissect an unborn human for profit or research. This is our society. And people wonder why I’m a misanthrope.”

Later in the Facebook post, Labonte further explained his position on the latter point:

“Abortions are done to prevent crime and poverty. Why doesn’t change the facts. And incentivizing planned parenthood to perform abortions is gross. On any level.”