Slayer’s Kerry King Calls ‘Mayhem Festival’ Co-Founder A Douche Over His Metal Scene Comments


Though he has since apologized, ‘Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival‘ co-founder Kevin Lyman‘s (who also founded the ‘Vans Warped Tour‘) comments on metal getting fat and old, not too mention greedy, continue to reverberate. Lyman later clarified he made the comments about the metal scene in general and not the ‘Mayhem Festival‘ specifically.

Essentially what Lyman was trying to convey was that there is a lack of new stars rising up the ranks to commercial viability and the old guard were going for as much money as possible, causing the genre to have a lessened viability these days. Slayer‘s Kerry King was asked to share his thoughts on the matter and told

“What a douche. I do care, because that directly affects this product [‘Mayhem Festival.] But at the end of the day—let me say this—when you think of the old and fat and… Okay, I got the ‘bald’ part—I get it—but, I mean, when you think of that statement, do you think of me, or are you thinking fucking Lyman? Dude, I look like a fucking convict; I’m not here looking all old, fat and gray, you know?! It’s, like, c’mon, man, speak for yourself. Don’t put that label on us, the genre and your festival or anything. That’s just fucking… That’s one of the stupidest marketing things I’ve ever heard. It’s not marketing. It’s just somebody babbling.”

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