Rob Zombie Reveals Why His Completed New Album Has Yet To Be Released


Though finished earlier in the year, Rob Zombie‘s new album has yet to emerge. There’s a reason for that as Zombie tells Loudwire in the below video interview:

“I would like to put it out sooner than later, but I have this idea that I really wanna make a visual component that goes with the album, and I don’t have time yet, ’cause I’m in the middle of editing my movie [‘31‘]. So I didn’t wanna just throw the record out there and there’s no videos, there’s no nothing, so I’m, like, I’d rather just hold it and do it properly. And so, that’s really the only reason; I mean, it’s nothing else. I mean, the record’s done. Which is kind of nice, ’cause we recorded the record over a really long period of time—like, a year. But we weren’t in the studio every day. We’d work for a couple of weeks and leave for a couple of months and come back, and it really gave you time to live with it. ‘Cause one of the things you do sometimes, you just go into the studio and plow through a record, and at the end of it, you kind of go, ‘That last track is kind of bullshit,’ or, ‘I wish we’d cut that part down.’ But we were living with it for a long time, and it really… I think it made the record so much better.”

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As Zombie mentions above, he is currently in post-production for his new horror film, “31“.

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