Philip Anselmo On Superjoint: “There Is A Good Chance That We Could Put Out A Record”


Philip Anselmo spoke with Full Metal Jackie over the weekend and was asked about the possibility of a new Superjoint album. Note that the band are being prevented from using the Superjoint Ritual name to a legal issue. Anselmo said:

“Well I will let you know that I think, right now we have five new pieces that are pretty good. I think it’s a decent start. But I think that Jimmy has been out with EyeHateGod for quite a while now. We all need to get back in the jam room and reassess what we have. And I think that there is a good chance that we could put out a record. Like I said, there is material that we’ve been working on. But would I say it’s close or finished? No I would not. I would say it needs some tender loving care and I guess once we feel like we are at a certain point with the songs, then we’ll decide whether or not we’re going to move forward or just have extra stuff to put out there for kicks.”

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When asked how the material would differ, he replied:

“It won’t sound any different because myself, Jimmy and Kevin have always been the main writers in Superjoint anyway, so really, for the most part me and Jimmy. So it shouldn’t sound much different at all.”

[via Loudwire]

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