Revocation Endure Epic Fail With Cannabis Corpse, Archspire & Black Fast Tour Announcement


Revocation promptly shot themselves in the foot with the a new mystery admat (see below) teasing the support acts for their upcoming North American headlining run. While dates for the tour don’t appear to have been announced yet (the tour will run from September 03rd to October 03rd,) the group went through the effort of preparing the an admat with question marks in place of the support bands, offering:


This fall we’ll be doing a headline tour of the US/Canada and we’ll be bringing some very kick ass bands along with us! First band gets announced tomorrow, any ideas who it’s gonna be?”

The problem is that upon closer inspection of said admat, the url’s for each of the support bands were listed along the bottom. The band were quickly called out on their oversight and announced the full tour lineup:

Eh, this is why we can’t have nice things. FULL LINE UP ANNOUNCED EARLY!

Posted by Revocation on Monday, June 29, 2015

Revovation Admat