Philip Anselmo Speaks On Superjoint Ritual’s Legal Woes, Future Recording Plans, Etc.


Phil Anselmo and had a discussion regarding the resurrection of Superjoint Ritual, who are now known as Superjoint due to a legal issue. Some excerpts can be found below with the whole read available at the above-mentioned link:

On the possibility of a new Superjoint album:

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“We’ve got about four or five songs we’ve been messing with. They have potential – I just don’t think they’re completely nailed down yet. So I can’t say we’ll do a record right off the bat, but there is a damn good chance something new will come out in some form or another, whether it’s a split seven-inch, a complete Superjoint seven-inch – maybe a 10-inch EP. Something like that is very possible, but I can’t say when.”

On whether or not Darkthrone (whom the band took their name from) are behind the legal snafu that is preventing them from using the Superjoint Ritual name:

“Absolutely not, man. Let’s just say it’s a legal matter and I have to leave it at that. But everyone knows who Superjoint is so it doesn’t matter one bit.”

If Superjoint Ritual was the initial ‘deathblow’ to Pantera:

“No, no, no. Not true. None of that came about until much later. There was a lack of communication and a certain stubbornness. Plus, I was in a very bad place mentally and physically. Superjoint didn’t have anything to do with that.”

On his own poor physical and mental health back during the bands early 2000’s run:

“I was in a terrible, terrible place – a very weak place and it reflected in the shows. For me, it’s very regrettable. For the audience it was very regrettable. But, ahhhhh, that was a very long time ago, man. And I don’t really dwell on it because I am by far and away not the first to jump that particular train and I probably won’t be the last. Looking at the big picture all I can do is the best today and tomorrow. Yesterday, whatever that means, it’s gone. I’m moving forward.”

The band will be out on the road for their first full-fledged tour in 10 years next month with King Parrot and Child Bite opening. You can find those dates here.

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