The Many Arrests Caused By Metal’s Most Infamous Shirt Design


There’s little doubt that Cradle Of Filth‘s 22-year-old ‘Jesus Is A Cunt’ shirt remains the most infamous piece of metal merchandise. has dug into the multiple arrests and fines incurred by people wearing the shirt across the globe, as well as protests and more that have sprung up around it. They also have word from Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth on how the shirt came to be:

“It was all very silly, I suppose. It was 1993, and we were about to go on tour with Emperor. We had a different T-shirt at the time – it had a picture of my wife, who was all done up in black metal regalia, and it said ‘The Black Goddess Rises’ on it. We needed to get a new shirt done quickly for the tour; we’d already come up with the ‘Vestal masturbation’ image and phrase, but we still needed a back print for it.”

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Amid a brainstorming session, a person Filth doesn’t recall came up with the infamous phrase:

“We all were laughing about it, like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so anarchic – can you imagine that on a T-shirt?’ We looked at each other conspiratorially, like, ‘Shall we?’ And yeah, we did it. Even at the time, we thought, ‘Well, this is pushing the boundaries a little bit.'”

For the full read head over Cradle Of Filth will have their new album “Hammer Of The Witches” in stores on July 10th through Nuclear Blast.

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