Soilwork Part Ways With Bassist Ola Flink, Announce His Replacement


Soilwork have found a new bassist with the addition of ex-Hearts Alive member Markus Wibom to their roster. If the haze of Tuesday hasn’t gotten to you yet, that also means that Soilwork bassist Ola Flink has exited the group to “focus on other endeavors.” Wibom is no stranger to the band, having previously teched and run lights for them on tour. He also made his live debut with them during a show this past April. Frontman Bjorn “Speed” Strid said of the lineup shift:

“We all sooner or later come to a crossroad in our lives, when our focus of being fueled by the past, is just as strong as our visions of the future and we have to make that incredibly hard decision. Where do I go now? Flink will forever be a symbol for Soilwork and of all we were and still are about. That being said, we all could sense that he eventually would come to the above mentioned crossroad. He understandably and respectfully chose to step down.

So, where do WE go now? Let me introduce you to one of the finest and most stand up people I know: Markus Wibom. He’s been a long-time friend and is an overall multi-instrumental amazing musician. He’s been with us before, on past world tours. He’s also an amazing character and I couldn’t think of a better person to fill Flink‘s shoes, which indeed are very big… literally (Markus’ shoe size is actually even bigger, if anybody wants to know).

Anyway, as much as I will miss Flink, I’m just as excited to tour the world with one of my absolute best friends. Thank you Flink, you will forever rule. Thank you, Markus, for taking this on. I know you will blow people’s minds, once the world tour of The Ride Majestic commences. Please give Markus a very warm welcome everyone!”

Wibom himself added:

“It’s a great honor and a true pleasure to play with such skilled musicians and amazing people! It’s going to be awesome to share the stage with those guys after all these years on the road together, and with the new record coming up – it absolutely kills!”

August 28th will see the release of the bands new album “The Ride Majestic” through Nuclear Blast. You can find them out on the road behind it as part of the ‘We Sold Our Souls To Metal Tour‘ with Soulfly and more this fall.

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