Gift Giver Bassist Exits Band Following Physical Altercation And Alleged Homophobia (Updated)


Update – June 13th 10:37pm:

The band have now responded to Wilson with a statement of their own.

Original Story:

Gift Giver bassist Troy Wilson has exited the band amidst some ugly allegations that the group are homophobic. In a parting statement, he said of his decision to leave the band:

“I’m officially out of Gift Giver guys! They are such shitty people that I left them on a side of a highway in a foreign country! The last thing Nick, their fat fuck guitarist said before I started walking was, ‘have fun getting fucked up the ass in Canada, you faggot’.

Fuck homophobes, fuck Gift Giver.”

Wilson further gave a statement on his departure to Lambgoat, offering:

“I joined Gift Giver almost a year ago. They knew I was completely out and seemed completely okay with it. But as time went by, I couldn’t shake off all the fucked up shit they said about my people and it got to me. Constantly dropping faggot and making fun of feminine men. Talking about hating transgendered people. Teasing me about my sexuality. Talking shit about my boyfriend at the time.

The last straw was last night when Nick Miller, main guitarist was making fun of a store for having a gay pride flag on their store during GAY PRIDE MONTH right next to me. I called him out on it and he didn’t care how I felt. I lost it and started fighting Nick in the van. Then Justin and Nick jumped on me and started hitting me on the side of the highway. I grabbed my bags and started walking. The last thing I heard from Gift Giver was, ‘have fun getting fucked the ass in Canada you faggot’ while Justin, their vocalist, called me a ‘queer’ in the background.

“They don’t deserve anything they have gotten in the music industry. They are horrible people and truly live up to the scumbag image. They are such shitty people that I’d rather be stranded in foreign Canada than be in the van with them.”

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