Gift Giver

Gift Giver Get Edgy With New Song “Active Shooter”


A new single from Gift Giver titled “Active Shooter” has landed online. As you might expect from the title, the lyrics are rather edgy, here’s how they run:

“All your friends are lying straight to your face.
And you just let them every day while you got nothing to say.
The last few years of life have made me this way.
I ain’t the same, I’m a recluse but now I’ve come out to play.

Active Shooter.
Taking shots at all you losers.

“Safe Space” give me a break.
Motherfuck- I’m in the wrong place, move out my way.

All of your friends are offended.
All of you kids are dependents.
Using the outrage for leverage.
I don’t think Clinton could end it.
Bill’s chillin with Harvey and Kevin.
I’m voting Kid Rock for senate.

I bet that fucks with your day huh?
Jump on the keys and complain huh?
Done rattled and triggered ya lames huh?

Little fuckin kids are all fuckin chumps.
Ain’t never whipped no rig, ain’t never popped no gun.
You little fuckin pricks all wanna hate my guts,
But you can’t tell me shit, I embrace disgust.

I know it’s tough to face the truth when it’s twisted.
Everyone’s so full of shit, I’m barely coexisting.

Active Shooter.
Taking shots at all you losers.

The white devils back & lately I’ve been feelin tested.
Filled with resentment, & vengeance is just a coping method.
The last few years of life have made me this way.
And it’s too late, I’m locked & loaded now I’m sprayin.

Fuck it, it is what it is.
All of these bitches talk shit.
All of these bitches suck dick.
Fuck all you snowflakes & libs.
I got no time for your shit.

Your whole agenda is trash.
You’re just ignoring the facts.
Sluts can’t avoid paying tax.
Hustle that premium snap.
All you bitches need a mask.


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