Lord Dying Draw Inspiration From Early Death Metal Clips For “A Wound Outside Time” Video


Lord Dying have debuted their “A Wound Outside Time” music video, which was directed and edited by Brett Roberts and Jon Meyer. Frontman Erik Olson said of the clip:

“We’re psyched to release this new video for “A Wound Outside of Time!” This vid pays homage to our favorite early 90’s Death Metal videos, like Bolt Thrower‘s “Cenotaph,” Unleashed‘s “Before the Creation of Time,” Entombed‘s “Left Hand Path,” etc. We really love the quick flashes of cliched over the top imagery and slow motion head banging sequences that infest so many videos of that era. Enjoy, and catch us on the road”

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You can catch the band out on the ‘Summer Of Doom Tour‘ with Crowbar and Battlecross.